Posted by: Dr. Y. | November 13, 2018

Proverbe Bamiléké sur le paresseux / Bamileke Proverb on the Lazy One

path_cheminLe paresseux est toujours sur la route de la chefferie pour aller quémander auprès du chef (et rapporter) (Proverbe Bamiléké – Cameroun)!

The lazy one is always on the road to the palace to go beg in front of the king (and tattle) (Bamileke proverb – Cameroon)!


  1. Good proverb. I certainly can’t stand laziness in people. Speaking of Cameroon, I just released info about my upcoming full-length album. One of the tracks is actually called “Cameroonian Originality March” which I made with an Omnichord, keyboard, and hand percussion. I also have half French and half English lyrics as part of a bigger message.


    • Thanks for sharing… I need to check out your album! I like the title “Cameroonian Originality March”!

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      • You’re welcome, Dr. Y. I’m going to release it in late December. I really have you to thank for the content of that song since you informed me about all these Cameroonian musicians who were ripped off.


      • Oh thanks… anytime… I look forward to listening to your album when it comes out.

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      • No problem. I’ve been working on the finishing touches and to get the pre-orders ready soon.


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