African Joke: Stop Dozing in Church!

Dozing off_4
Dozing off

A lady dozed off during the pastor’s preaching… Suddenly, she wakes up and hears the pastor say “Stand up.”


She gets up and sees the entire assembly turn toward her. Everyone is in shock, including her husband who is sitting next to her. She looks around and realizes that she is the only one standing. The pastor looks at her and tells her, “Thank you Madam, please remain standing, we will pray for you … We already have one person standing. She is courageous… Anyone else? Nobody? Let me repeat myself, in case you did not hear me well. I asked you to stand if you are unfaithful, if you are committing adultery; if you cannot stop cheating on your partner at each of his missions… Stand up so that we can pray for you.

The lady fainted!

The lady standing fainted.


Those of you sleeping in church… watch out!

The original in French is found on . Translated to English by Dr. Y.