Posted by: Dr. Y. | February 24, 2016

Proverbe sur la Solidarité / Proverb on Solidarity


Main / hand

On ne lie pas un fagot d’une seule main (Proverbe Douala, Bamiléké – Cameroun, Proverbe Ekonda – République Démocratique du Congo).


Fagot / bundle

One hand alone cannot tie a bundle (Duala, Bamileke Proverb – Cameroon, Ekonda proverb – Democratic Republic of Congo).


  1. oyé Cameroun


  2. While it’s good to be an independent artist, I do admit it can be rough to find the right associates and friends to help. Solidarity is a wonderful thing though.


    • Yes solidarity is a good thing, not always easy to find though.

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      • That’s certainly true.


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