First WebTV for Cell phones in Francophone Africa

Yes… we are talking about the very first WebTV for mobile phones developed in Francophone Africa. This is an innovative project launched by Inoussa Maïga of Burkina Faso. Maïga’s specialty is in the agricultural sector, talking to farmers and addressing the problems of the land workers. This is an amazing idea, which can have impact in all sectors of their lives. Many countries in Africa are not poor, they actually have a lot of food, however, they lack the infrastructures (poor roads) to bring in their products in due time and in good quality to the city, or the best markets. So imagine, if one used the WebTV to inform said farmers about the latest roadblocks from one city to another; imagine if one used WebTV to tell breeders about ways to vaccinate their cattle, or the next time there will be a veterinary in town to vaccinate or take care of their herds. Maïga’s project will start with journalists based in 4 countries: Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Benin.There are so many ways indeed. Enjoy the full article on Don’t forget to visit his blog at GoogolFarmer.

At work, interviewing a farmer in Africa (Source: GoogolFarmer)

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