Posted by: Dr. Y. | July 24, 2018

Proverbe Arabe sur la paresse / Arabic Proverb on Laziness

Ostrich1L’autruche, quand il faut voler, dit: “Je suis chameau”; et quand il faut porter un fardeau, elle dit: “je suis oiseau” (Proverbe Arabe – Mauritanie, Maroc, Algerie, Tunisie, Libye, Soudan). – Un paresseux avance toujours des raisons pour fuir le travail.  

camelThe ostrich, when it is time to fly, says: “I am a camel”; and when it is time to carry a burden, she says, “I am a bird” (Arabic proverb – Mauritania, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan). A lazy person always gives reasons for fleeing work.Bird_1



  1. ??? But ostriches can’t fly at all! Anyway, it’s brilliant!


  2. Ah, l’astuce de l’autruche.


  3. Very good proverb. Some people make way too many excuses.


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