Posted by: Dr. Y. | February 26, 2014

Proverbe Mongo sur l’irrévocabilité / Mongo Proverb on Irrevocability

Chutes de la Lobe (Cameroun) / Lobe Falls (Cameroon) -

Chutes de la Lobe (Kribi – Cameroun) / Lobe Falls (Kribi – Cameroon)

L’eau d’en aval ne retourne pas en amont (Proverbe Mongo – République Démocratique du Congo). – Ce qui est fait reste fait.

Downstream water will never go back upstream (Mongo Proverb – Democratic Republic of Congo). – What is done stays done.


  1. That is a well-worded proverb. I do admit that there are times where I wish things could go back upstream, but it is impossible.


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