Posted by: Dr. Y. | April 24, 2012

‘Love Poem for my Country’ by Sandile Dikeni

An antelope at dusk

An antelope at dusk in the African Savannah

In the past I have always wished that we, Africans, could be patriotic.  I came across this beautiful poem ‘Love poem for my country‘ by South African writer Sandile Dikeni.  I really enjoy the way the author describes his country, the valleys, the birds, the ancient rivers, and its beauty.  He feels the peace, the wealth, and the health his country brings.  He is one with her country.  He is at home!  His country is not just words or food, or friends, or family, it is more, it is his essence!  That is true patriotism, the bond that links us to the bone to our motherland.  Enjoy!

My country is for love
so say its valleys
where ancient rivers flow
the full circle of life
under the proud eye of birds
adorning the sky.

My country is for peace
so says the veld
where reptiles caress
its surface
with elegant motions
glittering in their pride

My country
is for joy
so talk the mountains
with baboons
hopping from boulder to boulder
in the majestic delight
of cliffs and peaks

My country
is for health and wealth
see the blue of the sea
and beneath
the jewels of fish
deep under the bowels of soil
the golden voice
of a miner’s praise
for my country

My country
is for unity
feel the millions
see their passion
their hands are joined together
there is hope in their eyes

we shall celebrate

by Sandile Dikeni


  1. I am an aspiring poetess, i read this amaizing poem when i was 12years and loved it since then…


  2. 1 of de best poems in SA


  3. I need to write a remake of this for england and am really stuck


  4. sandile is a man not a woman


    • Thank you so much, Aubrey, for the correction. I did verify, and made the changes accordingly.


  5. what a nice poem


    • I totally agree with you Ronix. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  6. i dont want to say


  7. Very ɗescriptive article, I loved that bit. Will there be a part


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  9. I admire this poem i read it in 2009 but somehow it stil rings in my head


    • I totally agree with you Giwu. I love this poem as well. Thank you for visiting my blog.


  10. It realy helped me wit my school work


    • So glad I could help!


  11. I like this poem best in the world


    • Me too Vansh… it is quite direct, and patriotic.


  12. what type of love or relationship is expressed in this poem


  13. Thanks it helped me in my school work


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