Posted by: Dr. Y. | April 5, 2019

Personne ne peut prendre votre place … / No One can Take Your Place …



Poule couvant ses oeufs et entouree de ses petits / Hen sitting on its eggs and surrounded by chicks

Quand une poule couve ses oeufs, une autre ne peut se mettre à sa place (Proverbe Bassa – Cameroun). – Si vous êtes dans la détresse, votre frère ne peut se mettre à votre place.


When a hen sits on its eggs, another one cannot take its place (Bassa proverb – Cameroon). – If you are in distress, your brother cannot put himself in your place.


  1. That’s good advice that I wished more people would follow. I guess it’s a detriment to my generation who expects other people to fight their own battles big or small.


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