Quote by Miriam Makeba on the Misrepresentation of Africa in the Media

Miriam Makeba

People in the United States [the West] still have a ‘Tarzan’ movie view of Africa. That’s because in the movies all you see are jungles and animals . . . We [too] watch television and listen to the radio and go to dances and fall in love.” Miriam Makeba

5 thoughts on “Quote by Miriam Makeba on the Misrepresentation of Africa in the Media

  1. Aaron Nyangkwe

    The West created their own media to tell their stories. It is left to Africa to build their own media to tell her own story. No body will tell a good story about you, for every body wants to tell a bad story about you.

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  2. THANK YOU! There is so much truth in that quote and it’s one thing I loathe about Western mainstream media. If it’s in Africa, then it’s just jungles, animals, war-torn areas, and rampant poverty porn. Just look at Disney’s animated canon. They’ve made 2 movies that take place in Africa. One of them has no humans at all (The Lion King) and the other one only has white people as human characters (Tarzan). What should that tell you? There was one quote I heard from PLO Lumumba that went (as paraphrased) “The West sees Africa as a zoo.” They’ll freak out if the animals get hurt or killed, but they don’t give a crap if actual African humans get hurt or killed. There have even been Africans in cages in American zoos like Ota Benga, the Cameroonian Baka man who was made to live with the apes in New York.


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  4. Kyalimpa solomon.

    The Trueth is that the wests are fearing the intergrity in us [AFRICAN]. Take a look at the Egyptology in camate and every in the university of SANKORE. “Hide the history and break the future”. That is the reason why they are calling AFRICA Azoo. In fact their medias are there to keep us in the great pit of duckness. It goes to [us] AFRICANS Who have seen some light to use every chance to make our fellow AFRICAn To know the power in us. “Africa is for Africans never for the british”.


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