Proverbe Mossi sur le travail /Mossi Proverb on Work

Un Champ / A Field

Ce qui est dur est bon; le facile n’a pas de profit (Proverbe Mossi, Burkina Faso). – Même si le sol n’est pas fertile, il faut travailler dur.

That which is hard is good; whatever is easy brings no benefit (Mossi proverb, Burkina Faso). – Even if the soil is not fertile, you have to work hard.



3 thoughts on “Proverbe Mossi sur le travail /Mossi Proverb on Work

  1. fnbongjoh

    Very true. I have visited Burkina Faso several times and I am amazed at the results of a hardworking people, especially in the countryside. In spite of the not-so-favorable climatic conditions, Burkina is just one of a few African countries in the Sahel Region where there is food self-sufficiency, to say the least, and where citizens enjoy considerable prosperity. I spent my past 30 years with the African Development Bank and know the country through the supervision of education projects. Secondly, the project is true when I apply it to my circumstances. I dis my very best under the most difficult circumstances. To crown my past activities on the African comment, I have published ten books of poetry with US publishing houses, since I left the Bank in 2014. You may wish to access them through the link hereafter:

    All the best, Felix Bongjoh


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