Proverbe Mossi sur le travail /Mossi Proverb on Work

Un Champ / A Field

Ce qui est dur est bon; le facile n’a pas de profit (Proverbe Mossi, Burkina Faso). – Même si le sol n’est pas fertile, il faut travailler dur.

That which is hard is good; whatever is easy brings no benefit (Mossi proverb, Burkina Faso). – Even if the soil is not fertile, you have to work hard.



Proverbe Burkinabé sur l’amour de la patrie / Burkinabe Proverb on Patriotism

cowUn enfant qui aime la culture et l’élevage, voilà un enfant parfait (Proverbe Mossi – Burkina Faso). – Amour du pays, aider à la construction nationale.

A child who loves agriculture and breeding, that is a perfect child (Mossi proverb – Burkina Faso). – Love of one’s country, help on the nation’s building.

Note: This proverb refers to the fact that in the olden days (and even some to this day), Mossi people were well-versed in animal husbandry. 

Proverbe sur l’Unité / Proverb on Unity

Black ant
Fourmi / Ant

Les fourmis se sont dit: Réunissons-nous, nous réussirons à transporter l’éléphant (Proverbe Mossi – Burkina Faso). – S’entraider les uns les autres dans tous les travaux.

The ants said to themselves: Let us unite, we will succeed in moving the elephant (Mossi proverb – Burkina Faso).- Help each other in all works.