Posted by: Dr. Y. | September 10, 2018

Proverbe Bamiléké sur la souffrance / Bamileke Proverb on Suffering

Rain5Personne ne peut oublier le jour où il fut bien mouillé (Proverbe Bamiléké – Cameroun). – Les souffrances sont difficilement oubliées.

Nobody can forget the day when he was well soaked (Bamileke proverb – Cameroon). – Sufferings are hardly forgotten.


  1. That proverb makes all too much sense. I’ve remembered all the times when the torrents of displeasure and suffering affected me.


    • Right?… I agree with you. Sad that we tend to remember those times more than some of the beautiful ones… maybe because we also learned a lot from these experiences?

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      • Very good points. They were learning experiences whether we like them or not.


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