Posted by: Dr. Y. | August 24, 2018

Proverbe Bété sur la solidarité / Bété Proverb on Solidarity

CryingLorsque l’oeil pleure, le nez ne se réjouit pas (Proverbe Bété – Côte d’Ivoire). – Le malheur de quelqu’un touche aussi les parents et les amis.

When the eye cries, the nose does not rejoice (Bété proverb – Côte d’Ivoire). – Someone’s misfortune also affects parents and friends.


  1. That’s the opposite of schadenfruede which is something everyone should realize.


    • what is schadenfruede ?

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      • Schadenfreude is a loanword from German that involves someone getting pleasure from someone else’s pain, misfortune, or tragedy.


      • I see… I learn everyday… Thanks.

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