Posted by: Dr. Y. | May 30, 2018

Proverbe Burkinabé sur l’amour de la patrie / Burkinabe Proverb on Patriotism

cowUn enfant qui aime la culture et l’élevage, voilà un enfant parfait (Proverbe Mossi – Burkina Faso). – Amour du pays, aider à la construction nationale.

A child who loves agriculture and breeding, that is a perfect child (Mossi proverb – Burkina Faso). – Love of one’s country, help on the nation’s building.

Note: This proverb refers to the fact that in the olden days (and even some to this day), Mossi people were well-versed in animal husbandry. 


  1. That’s a unique proverb. I guess I never had those ideals when it came to agriculture and animals. Living in the suburbs didn’t help in that regard back then.


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