8 thoughts on “Proverbe sur l’Amour de la Patrie / Proverb on Love of Country

      1. It’s called Insured. It’s a comedy piece involving a couple of insurance agents who are trying to sell livestock cover plans to the local farmers, ranchers, and animal herders in rural Lesotho, but they have no luck. The two of them drive a bright pink Honda Fit (not making this up), and they have to concoct a plan to get business with wacky results. You can watch it on YouTube from one of the creators: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w14hxishdt0


      2. No problem. Feel free to check it out. This was also the first time I was exposed to the Sesotho language even though there are obviously English loanwords in the dialogue. Part of me feels bad because I always pronounced the country as “Les-OH-THO” when I was a child and only realized it was pronounced “Les-OO-TOO” only a couple of years ago.


      3. yes… right… but how could you have known about the pronunciation, when the name written in English is so far from the way it should sound? Right… another case of European mispronunciation, etc, similar to Canton when it was Guangdong.

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      4. Yeah, and it certainly confused me without even realizing it. Same like how I thought Xhosa was pronounced and I’m thankful that a Zimbabwean co-worker corrected me on this years ago.

        English is such a weird language when you really think about it and this is coming from an American! It’s certainly a case of English mispronounciation and corruption much like that aforementioned city’s English name.


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