The Charter of Imperialism

La charte de l'imperialisme telle publiee dans le journal "La Nouvelle Expression"
La charte de l’imperialisme telle publiee dans le journal “La Nouvelle Expression”

A while ago, I published the charter of Imperialism in French (La charte de l’impérialisme). Today, I would like to bring it to you in English for all to understand how dominated Africans have been, and how that domination continues to this day. As you read this, can you give example of where each one of these articles has been applied on the African continent nowadays?


The present “charter” was drawn up in Washington during the “slave trade”, then quietly negotiated at the “Berlin conference in 1885” while the Western powers shared Africa; renegotiated secretly in Yalta at the time of division of the world in two blocks after the Second World War and during the creation of the “League of Nations”, the ancestor of the “UN”.


Article 1:
From the Motto: – Motto of imperialism: Governing the world and controlling the riches of the planet; Our policy is to divide and conquer, dominate, exploit and loot to fill our banks and make them the most powerful in the world.

Le partage de l'Afrique a la Conference de Berlin de 1884
Le partage de l’Afrique a la Conference de Berlin de 1884

Article 2:
No third world country constitutes a sovereign and independent state.

Article 3:
All power in Third World countries comes from us, who exert it through pressure on the leaders who are only our puppets. No organ of the Third World can attribute to it the exercise.

Article 4:
All Third World countries are divisible and their borders displaceable according to our will. Respect for territorial integrity does not exist for the Third World.

Article 5:
All dictators must put their fortunes in our banks for the security of our interests. This fortune will be used for donations and credits granted by us as assistance and development aid to Third World countries.


Nicolas Sarkozy, by Zapiro (source
Nicolas Sarkozy, by Zapiro (source

Article 6:
Any power and government established by us is legal, legitimate and democratic. But any other power or government that does not emanate from us is illegal, illegitimate and dictatorial, regardless of its form and legitimacy.

Article 7:
Any power that opposes any resistance to our injunctions loses its legality, legitimacy and credibility. He must disappear.


Article 8:
We do not negotiate agreements and contracts with Third World countries, we impose what we want and they undergo our will.

Article 9:
Any agreement with another country or negotiation without our approval is null and void.


Article 10:
Wherever there is interest, Third World countries have no rights, in the southern countries our interests go before law and international law.

Article 11:
Freedom of expression, freedom of association and human rights only make sense in the country where the leaders oppose our will.

Article 12:
The peoples of the Third World have no opinion or right, they suffer our law and our law.

10,000FCFA (BEAC-1992)
10,000FCFA (BEAC-1992)

Article 13:
Third world countries have neither culture nor civilization without referring to Western civilization.

Article 14:
We are not talking about genocide, massacre, or “war crimes” or “crimes against humanity” in countries where our interests are guaranteed. Even though the number of victims is very important.


Article 15:
In Third World countries, no one has the right to put in their banks a ceiling of money fixed by us. When the fortune exceeds the ceiling, it is deposited in one of our banks so that profits return in the form of loans or economic development aid in cash or in kind.

Article 16:
The countries whose leaders show total submission to us, our puppets and our valets will not be entitled to the aid mentioned above.

Article 17:
Our assistance must be accompanied by strong recommendations to prevent and break the development of Third World countries.

Libya, the Prey of the West
Libya, the Prey of the West (2011)


Article 18:
Our armies must be always stronger and more powerful than the armies of the Third World. The limitation and prohibition of weapons of mass destruction does not concern us, but the others.

Article 19:
Our armies must help each other and unite in the war against the army of a weak country to show our supremacy and be feared by the countries of the Third World.

Article 20:
Any military intervention aims to protect our interests and those of our valets.

Article 21:
Any operation of evacuation of the nationals of the Western countries hides our real mission, that to protect our interests and those of our valets.


Article 22:
The UN is our instrument, we must use it against our enemies and third world countries to protect our interests.

Article 23:
Our goal is to destabilize and destroy the hostile regimes and to place our puppets under the protection of our military under cover of the mandates of the “UN” forces.

Article 24:
“UN” resolutions are texts that give us the right and the means to strike, kill and destroy countries whose leaders and peoples refuse to submit to our injunctions under the cover of the resolutions of the Council Security Council.

Article 25:
Our duty is to keep Africa and other countries of the world in the underdeveloped, the bet, the division, the wars, the chaos to dominate them, exploit them and plunder them through the “Missions” of ” United Nations “.

Lumumba detained
Lumumba detained, December 1960

Article 26:
Our golden rule is the physical liquidation of Third World nationalist leaders and leaders.

Article 27:
The laws, resolutions, courts and tribunals of the “United Nations” are our tools of pressure against the leaders and leaders of the countries that defend the interests of their peoples.

Article 28:
Leaders of Western Powers can not be prosecuted, arrested or incarcerated by “UN” courts and tribunals, even if they commit “war crimes”, “genocide” or “crimes against humanity” .

SOURCE: The Royal Museum for Central Africa, in Tervuren, Belgium.

18 thoughts on “The Charter of Imperialism

  1. This charter made me sick. The DRC comes to mind at first with the Congolese Genocide, the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, and the exploitation of minerals to this day. I’m sure that country alone would be subject to several of those articles. Article 6 and 7 could apply to Zimbabwe and Eritrea although for different reasons with the latter kicking out most of the former colonizers and with the latter gets called “the North Korea of Africa” while being slandered. I could probably go on and on and that’s just the countries I know historical facts about!


    1. Yes you are so right: DRC with Lumumba’s assassination, Zimbabwe, Libya with its plundering from NATO forces, Cote d’Ivoire with the removal of Laurent Gbagbo by French forces from his presidential palace, the assassination of Thomas Sankara, the assassination of Amilcar Cabral, of Samora Machel, and the list goes on and on…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 'ENTAALE' Kyalimpa Solomon

        Realy it is puting us down. The Europians and its America they see the costraction of UGANDA-TANZANIA crude oil pipe line As destraction of enviroment. Yet they are leading destroyer nature and human rights every where they have put their boots on ground. AFRICANS We should take this chater… As aserous weapon gainst us. Its time to let every one know the trueth, espeacialy the young generation.


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  3. Fondungallah Thomas

    The key to numerous coups, genocides, assassinations of nationalists, ongoing hostilities in the developing world, economic sabotage and the dead silence of the UN over provoked civil wars only in 3rd world countries is hidden here.


  4. Shmooel

    It is time for all people of color and I mean all African and African Americans where ever we may be to unite together and forget about what title you call yourself we all suffer from the same enemy so let us come together and forget about what religion we serve that is not important serve whom you wish but if you think about it religion also separate us so please put all Those things to the side and let us come together as one people and only then will we defeat the enemy of our souls. We must show love for one another no matter where we were birthed that should not be an issue what should be an issue is what are we as a people are going to do about it and really come together as one we are 90 % of the population and the are only 10 % so let us stop letting them rule us and for the black leaders you who are puppets should be ashamed of yourself, because you suffer just as much as your own people when you don’t listen to your white boss,



    Here is a shocking evidence of the white supremacy. These I would say are sub-human. And today they tout of freedom and independence, what a gimmick, a mere foul play whereby the reality is at their heart. i am broken heated to have come to this obnoxious truth about the world we live in.


  6. George

    Eye opening and relevant. Certainly amplifies and expands on the Berlin Conference that many people have absolutely no idea about. Thanks for putting it out there. One love, One heart.


    1. ETAALE Kyalimpa Solomon

      Its time for us to know oursalves and open up a sycological war agaist alibinal mutants for every thing they have done to our mother land. The world oder is changing. Its our turn to let the ecomomic devils out of AFRICA.


  7. George

    So timely and poignant! The history of the Caribbean, Central & Latin America, Asia and Africa are all replete with examples of the past, and in many cases present, wickedness and savagery of Europeans. They have wrought untold horror on the non-white peoples of the earth and sadly we can do nothing about it.


  8. An

    What an appalling charter! This explained why Africa is rife with poverty and violence. African people should stand up and fight for their own independence! Support from Vietnam


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