Posted by: Dr. Y. | April 27, 2018

Great Quote on Shaka Zulu by Miriam Makeba


King Shaka, of the Zulu people

The British often talk of Shaka Zulu as the ‘Black Napoleon’, but I think that Napoleon was a white Shaka!” Miriam Makeba



Les Britanniques parlent souvent de [Chaka Zoulou] comme du ‘Napoléon noir’, mais je dis que Napoléon était un Chaka blanc.” Miriam Makeba


  1. Thats but backwards! How the thw historic figure that libed first be compared to the historic figure centuries after him. The black man does not need to be compared. He was great ! PERIOD. Thats an insult to me if I hear anyone comoare to him to any white explorer


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