African Joke – Efferalgan

Seashore (View of the Atlantic ocean from the Door of No Return, Goree, Senegal)

An American, a Belgian, and an Ivorian meet a genie by the sea shore. He tells them:

Throw anything in the water. If I find it, you will die. If I don’t find it, I die, and the person who win will become as rich as Croesus.

The American throws a tiny metallic marble into the water. The genie finds it, and he dies.

The Belgian throws a small transparent nylon thread. The genie finds it, and the Belgian dies.

Effervescent tablet (Source:

The Ivorian throws something into the water. The genie looks, and looks, and looks; but does not find the object. Tired, he asks: “Djo, what have you thrown in the water?

The guy replies: “A piece of Efferalgan (effervescent pill), buddy!

The original in French is found on Translated to English by Dr. Y.,



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