Posted by: Dr. Y. | March 14, 2016

Proverbe Congolais sur la réalité / Congolese proverb on reality

African basket

African basket

Le panier du pecheur sent toujours le poisson (Proverbe Baluba – République Démocratique du Congo (RDC)). – Pas difficile de reconnaître les crapules; la caque sent toujours le hareng.

The fisherman’s basket always smell of fish (Baluba proverb – Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)).- It is not difficult to recognize villains; the keg always smells of herring.


  1. similar to this: the pot in which namasacha is cooked retains its bitterness. ( namasacha is a bitter vegetable – its about a persons character. luhya of Kenya)


    • Thank you Robert for this proverb… I agree… it is quite similar.


  2. That’s a good proverb to know. Thank you. I’ve been researching more and more about Congolese culture as of recently, so this is great.


    • Glad I could help! thanks for commenting.

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      • Sure thing. It’s a good proverb. I’ve been learning a lot about the Congolese culture recently especially after finding out that it was a major ethnic group I got on my DNA test.


      • Very good! It is a rich culture indeed!

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      • That’s very good to know. It has been enlightening finding things about Congolese culture.


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