Eco-Shoes: Manufacturing shoes from discarded tires and challenging perceptions about disabled people

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Ghanaian social entrepreneur Mabel Suglo is the co-founder of the Eco-Shoes Project, an initiative that assists artisans with disabilities to create marketable shoes from used tires and recycled African fabric. Started in 2013, the company currently employs 13 people. Her company is based in Kumasi, Ghana. It employs local able as well as artisans with disabilities to make shoes, bags, and accessories.

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“There are millions of discarded car tyre stockpiles and waste materials in Ghana which pose an environmental and health hazard,” explains Suglo. “Eco-Shoes rescues some of the millions of tyres and other material waste creating an environmental nuisance, to make fashionable and comfortable shoes.” She, and two of her friends were inspired to start the business to challenge local perceptions of disabled people as burdens to society.