Posted by: Dr. Y. | June 21, 2013

‘Asimbonanga’ by Johnny Clegg

Johnny Clegg & Savuka

Johnny Clegg & Savuka

Since we are on the subject of Soweto 1976, and since last week Madiba (Nelson Mandela) gave us a scare, I decided to publish the song ‘Asimbonanga’ by Johnny Clegg.  ‘Asimbonanga‘ or ‘We have not seen him’ was released by Johnny Clegg and Savuka, in the album Third World Child in 1987, and called for the release of Nelson Mandela, and also gave homage to three martyrs of the anti-apartheid struggle: Steve Biko, Victoria Mxenge, and Neil Aggett.  I have posted the song with lyrics below (translation of the Zulu words to English is in italics).  Enjoy, and don’t forget to visit Johnny Clegg’s website:

'Asimbonanga' by Johnny Clegg & Savuka

‘Asimbonanga’ by Johnny Clegg & Savuka


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  2. Johnny will be missed. What a legend. He spoke words of wisdom through his legacy of music.
    Always in our hearts.


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