Ivory Coast: When the French Army lies

Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast

Dear All,

With all that is happening in Ivory Coast, and the willingness of the international community not to respect a country’s constitution, I have decided to post this video which shows what happened in 2005 in Ivory Coast with the French military. As a brief parenthesis… I have never seen the international community act so vehemently in Africa… when they last did, it was in Rwanda where they choose not to say a word. Why are they still treating Africans like children, like old colonies? Has any of us Africans, ever said a word about elections in France, or in the US (Bush vs. Gore 2000)? Why is it that when we organize elections, they all act like we cannot take care of our own business. They all say “Ouattara won, Gbagbo lost according to the electoral commission”… but according to the constitutional committee of Ivory Coast (founded on Ivory Coast’s constitution), Gbagbo won and Ouattara lost. In that case why trying to force Gbagbo out… why not just say ‘Re-organize the elections’! Why trying/wanting a military action when half of the people of Ivory Coast are with either one of the protagonists? When people care about the safety of others, and peace, and a solution cannot be found: why do they want to force one over the other? Why this obsession in imposing the West’s will? … why not since they are the United Nations, France, etc… ask for a recall? Are they afraid that we are actually going to find out who the real winner is? 


5 thoughts on “Ivory Coast: When the French Army lies

  1. aube

    Merci pour ces questions fort pertinentes. Que cache ce vocable “communauté internationale”? combien de citoyens américains ou français savent ce que leurs gouvernants font en dehors de leur territoire et pour quels intérêts?. Le mensonge finira par être découvert.


  2. Nathalie Callede

    Merci pour votre engagement. La France etant plongee dans le Noir-Silence, il est difficile de trouver des reportages comme le votre.


  3. Wow, this is insane. This kind of attitude still goes on to this day. It reminds me of that article you posted about the double standards with last year’s elections in the DRC and Cameroon while the West responded to both.


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