Proverbe congolais sur la sagesse / Congolese Proverb on Wisdom

La calebasse / The calabash

Une calebasse peut être solide : elle ne résistera pas contre un tronc d’arbre (proverbe Ekonda – République Démocratique du Congo (RDC)). – Devant un vieux, un jeune ferait mieux de se taire.

Tree_1A calabash can be strong : it will not survive against a tree trunk (Ekonda proverb – Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)). – In front of an old man, a young man had better be silent.

Gratitude Today : Smile

Flower – Smile

The world we live in today is so different, there seems to be mountains upon mountains of presumably insurmountable issues! The planet seems to be in turmoil, fear and anger appear to be leading the way in people’s lives. After almost 2 years of a pandemic, economic stress, and so much more, I thought that given that this week is appropriately Thanksgiving week in the United states, why not make it about gratitude for anyone anywhere in the world? What are we grateful for? The sun which never stops coming out, the birds which never stop singing even in the quiet, the plants which are growing, some in tough environments, the sky which is always there, the people around us, and even if there is no one around, there is life! Smile for the day is bright, smile for today will bring on new challenges which no matter how big, we can take on, take a moment to smile and enjoy whatever brings joy in your life, … and smile! I live you here with Michael Jackson‘s song ‘Smile‘.

Comment résoudre de grandes palabres / How To Resolve Big Disputes

Kola nut
Kola nut

Pour la solution de grandes palabres, on ne vient pas avec des noix de kola (Proverbe Ngbandi – République Démocratique du Congo (RDC), République Centrafricaine (RCA)).

To resolve big disputes, do not show up with kola nuts (Ngbandi proverb – Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Central African Republic (CAR))