African Joke: All Secrets Out

Religious leader

Three religious leaders get together and decide to confess their faults and weaknesses to each other so that each prays for the other. 

The first says: “My problem is money. I love money too much and I often steal from offerings and tithes. Pray for me because I am not proud of it.”

Relaxed and at ease, the second says: “Mine is women. I love women too much and when I see a woman, I want to sleep with her. I have slept with all the women in my parish. Pray to help me.

The third starts crying. The other two take two hours to calm him down. Then he finally speaks in tears: “My problem is kpakpato. I don’t know how to keep a secret; so everything you just said, tomorrow everyone will know, even if you pray for me!


The original in French is found on . Adapted and Translated to English by Dr. Y.

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