African Joke: 25 Years of Marriage

Marriage_25 years_1
25 Years of marriage

Henry and Christine have just celebrated 25 years of marriage.

And their union having been mostly peaceful, Henry ventures to ask the famous question of trust to his wife, “Darling, have you ever cheated on me?”

Well,” answers Christine, “since you want to know… Yes, I have cheated on you three times. The first time, it was when you needed a loan from the bank, do you remember? No bank would trust you enough to lend you anything, then one day, the commercial director of the bank came to our house and signed the contract without asking any questions …

Oh! You did that for me…,” Henry exclaims,

It is thus thanks to that we have become rich. And the second time?”

Marriage_25 years_2
Silver union: 25 years of marriage

The second time,” explains Christine, “it was when you had caught that highly contagious disease and no doctor would come near you. One day, a surgeon from the hospital suddenly came to operate on you…

Ah darling, you really saved my life, that time…” remarks Henry before adding:

I am so lucky to have married you. And the third time?

The last time, it was when you ran for president of our city’s soccer club. Do you remember? You were missing 42 votes to be elected…


I wonder what would have happened had the wife asked the husband? When you ask tough questions, be prepared for the answers! Smile and have a great day!

The original in French is found on . Adapted and Translated to English by Dr. Y.

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