African Joke: Copied to Perfection

The professor collects the students’ homework:

Toto says to his friend John:

    • Thank you John, one more homework not done, and the professor was going to call my parents!
    • Yup. I don’t really like this. I hope you did not copy word-for-word?
    • You can be certain that I copied everything to perfection! and when I say everything, I mean everything!

The professor returns the homework, looks, and all of a sudden says:

  • Toto, how come I do not have your homework? and how come I have two copies from John?


One thought on “African Joke: Copied to Perfection

  1. HAHAHAHA! That was a good joke. Copycatting gets people nowhere. There was one aspect of the joke that made it funnier. One of the characters is named Toto and the joke and it is in the African joke section. It’s funnier in hindsight.


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