Posted by: Dr. Y. | March 16, 2018

Proverbe sur la lâcheté / Proverb on Cowardice

Hyena_2Des hyènes en groupe osent crier de jour (Proverbe Lunyoro – Ouganda). – Se dit des lâches.

Hyenas in a group dare to shout by day (Lunyoro proverb – Uganda). – Said of cowards.


  1. That was interestingly worded, but it makes sense knowing about the proverb. It sort of reminds me of another phrase about cowards “talking the loudest”. Since there are two hyenas in your post, there could a joke somewhere about Claw’s henchmen Tom & Tab from Kimba the White Lion.


    • yes… oooo

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      • Hahaha! Yup. It was still a worthy proverb. Funny enough, that proverb could also apply to those hyena characters who work for that villain who’s literally the original Scar.


      • absolutely!

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      • Thanks! I’m glad there are other bloggers who know about Kimba. Haha!


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