Posted by: Dr. Y. | February 2, 2018

Amilcar Cabral on Reclaiming African History

Amilcar Cabral on a stamp with the flag of Guinea Bissau

Amilcar Cabral on a stamp with the flag of Guinea Bissau

The colonists usually say that it was they who brought us into history: today we show that this is not so. They made us leave history, our history, to follow them, right at the back, to follow the progress of their history. Today, in taking up arms to liberate ourselves, in following the example of other peoples who have taken up arms to liberate themselves, we want to return to our history, on our own feet, by our own means and through our own sacrifices.” Amilcar Cabral


  1. Black History cannot be confined to the short month of February. Black History is American history. Black History is World History.

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  3. That was well said. Learning about all of this African history has been phenomenal and people need to know about these things.


    • yes indeed… we need to know our history, to be stronger, and not repeat the same mistakes, and also to value who we are.

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      • Of course. There’s so much to learn and also to put into action.


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