Posted by: Dr. Y. | March 3, 2017

Saving Zanzibar’s Heritage

Yesterday, just as I published my article “Why the name: Zanzibar?” the BBC published a photo-journal on “ Saving Zanzibar’s Heritage.” This made for a happy surprise, and showed the effort taken by locals to save and restore Stone Town (Mji Mkongwe in Swahili)’s architecture. So please check out the article on BBC HERE. Enjoy!


Sultan Palace in Old Stone Town in Zanzibar (1871 – 1875)


  1. I saw the BBC photos yesterday. Great news for Stone Town and the re-invigoration of local skills and pride.


    • Yes… I saw it too… and I am always happy to see renovation work because this ancient history deserves to be taken care of, and passed down to other generations.

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  2. That’s wonderful. I’m glad there’s renovation and restoration going on.


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