Posted by: Dr. Y. | September 13, 2016

European-Only Neighborhoods in African Cities before Independence



As a note, I recently learned that before independence in African countries and probably in all European colonies around the world, there were “European / white-only” neighborhoods and “Indigenous” neighborhoods – imagine my surprise: it is your country and you can’t go into parts of it! You were born in a city, but you cannot go to certain neighborhoods even if that neighborhood is the burying ground of your family. Furthermore, to go into the European neighborhoods, one needed a pass (like during apartheid in South Africa)! In Douala, the biggest city of Cameroon, the European neighborhoods were Bonanjo, Bali, and Bonapriso. In Accra, Ghana, it was Christiansborg, and Victoriaborg. Which were the “European-only” neighborhoods in your city?


  1. It is grossly unfair.


  2. We should make ‘black’/African-only neighbourhoods in ‘white’ countries to even it out, ones with better resources and facilities, and then boot them out of our countries.


  3. Unbelievable…


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