Poem by Dennis Brutus on Friendship

Dennis Brutus
Dennis Brutus

Friends, today, I want to introduce you to a poem by the great South African author Dennis BrutusDennis Brutus broke rocks next to Nelson Mandela when they were imprisoned together on the notorious Robben Island.  He spent 18 months there.  His crime, like Mandela’s, was fighting the injustice of racism, and challenging South Africa’s apartheid regime.  His weapons were his words: soaring, searing, poetic.  He was banned, he was censored, he was shot.  However, this poet’s commitment and activism, his advocacy on behalf of the poor, never flagged.  Brutus inspired, guided and rallied people toward the fight for justice in the 21st century; his poetry was his way of protesting against the injustices of the apartheid regime and the world, while celebrating the freedoms all men deserved.

The poem below poem is a call to friendship without borders, freedom, love, and peace.  Enjoy!!!

There will come a time
There will come a time we believe
When the shape of the planet
and the divisions of the land
Will be less important;
We will be caught in a glow of friendship
a red star of hope
will illuminate our lives
A star of hope
A star of joy
A star of freedom

by Dennis Brutus

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