Posted by: Dr. Y. | July 19, 2014

Proverbe Bayombe sur la Discrétion / Bayombe Proverb on Discretion

La bouche / the mouth

La bouche / the mouth

On répare le trou d’un vêtement, mais pas le trou de la bouche (Proverbe Bayombe – République Démocratique du Congo (RDC)).-  Quand on a trop parlé, c’est difficile de réparer.

One can repair the hole on a garment, but not the hole of the mouth (Bayombe Proverb – Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)). – When you have talked too much, it is difficult to repair.



  1. That’s a great proverb about people who talk too much. It also reminds me of another saying “loose lips sink ships”.


    • Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know that one.

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      • No problem. That’s a common saying in America when it comes to the dangers of talking too much or at the very least saying the wrong things.


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