Happy 2013!


My fellow friends may the year 2013 be the year of all greatness, success, harmony, and peace!  I would like to thank all those who visited my blog, and all my future visitors …  I am grateful for your trust and faith in my blog.  We have more than tripled the number of viewers this year: keep on visiting, keep on sharing, and keep on commenting.  I wish you all wonders without borders, grace, and peace for 2013.  To all those who witnessed the horrible events in Mali, South Africa, Cote d’Ivoire, and Libya, to all those who felt powerless in 2012, it is time to rise and keep fighting, it is time to stay strong and keep loving our neighbors.  We need to stay strong, alert, and open as always.  Above all, we need to keep praying for 0ur beautiful continent.  We are all agents of hope, we are all agents of good, and we need to be agents for the betterment of Africa.  As Franklin Boukaka said of Mehdi Ben Barka, and would say to us now: ‘ our work is that of humanity.’

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