Amilcar Cabral and Cape Verdeans in the USA

Flag of Cape Verde
Flag of Cape Verde

Over a year ago, I was contacted by Mike Costa, a gentleman who was making a documentary on Cape Verdeans in California, and their history in relation to their homeland.  The gentleman really liked my article on Amilcar Cabral and wanted my contribution.  I was delighted to help in any way possible.  Two months ago, I received an e-mail with a link to the trailer to the documentary which was coming out in the US.  I must admit that this made me extremely proud to have helped (in any way) in his project, and most importantly to see the final product which is truly a praise of Cape Verdeans in the bay area, and Cape Verdeans in general.  Enjoy the trailer… and if you have a chance, leave a comment on his website or under his YouTube video or buy the DVD to show your support of his great work.  This is a non-profit endeavor that shines a well-deserved light on the California Cape Verdean community.  Like he says on his website: ” If we don’t tell our story, who would?”

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