Posted by: Dr. Y. | October 14, 2011

Remember Ruben: A Rare Video Biography of Ruben Um Nyobé

UPC Leaders (L. to R.) front row: Castor Osende Afana, Abel Kingué, Ruben Um Nyobé, Felix Moumié, and Ernest Ouandié

UPC Leaders (L. to R.) front row: Castor Osende Afana, Abel Kingué, Ruben Um Nyobé, Felix Moumié, and Ernest Ouandié

After my article on one of Africa’s greatest freedom fighter, the Cameroonian leader, Ruben Um Nyobé, I thought that this small rare video with pictures of Um Nyobé would be very fit to add to our knowledge.  Ruben Um Nyobé with the UPC in 1948 were the first in Africa to ask for the independence of their country, Cameroon.  He was murdered by the French colonial administration, and his story was totally buried for many years: it was as if he had had no impact on the lives of Cameroonians, and Africans as a whole.  It is just amazing to realize that, 50 years later, he had spoken at the United Nations tribune three times for the independence and reunification of Cameroon in 1952, 1953, and 1954.  It is amazing to think that in Cameroon, there was someone of the caliber of N’Krumah, Lumumba, and Nyerere… Yes… Ruben Um Nyobé’s place should be at the Pantheon (if it existed) of African legends.  Enjoy!!!


  1. Hello
    thanks for sharing this. 50 years after Cameroon’s independence, it is sad to say that UPC and the fight for independence is STILL a blind spot in the collective conscience. Very few Cameroonian know who he was, what UPC really did for us. 2 years ago I watched this documentary about Independence in Cameroon that I would recommend to anyone as a start point to learn more about independence in Africa. Cameroun, Autopsie d’une indépendance (in French)


    • Merci Nahia… I really liked that documentary “Cameroun: Autopsie d’une pseudo-independance”. It is sad indeed that the very few Cameroonians, and Africans know who Um Nyobe was and what the UPC did for us. My hope is that by publishing these, many would learn their history, and hopefully fight for a better and true independence!


  2. Thanks for sharing dear. I have launched a blog on African Litterature and just wrote an article on Um Nyobe. The more we will be taking our history and future in hand, the more we will rise back. Tx again for the great job you are doing with this blog and please do have a look on my blog as well.


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