Posted by: Dr. Y. | November 17, 2010

Thomas Sankara: Discours sur la dette

Thomas Sankara

Thomas Sankara

Thomas Isidore Sankara, notre héros africain, mort pour ses convictions et son amour de son peuple, et de sa patrie. Ce grand héros a fait l’un des plus beau discours que j’ai jamais entendu sur la dette africaine! Quelle éloquence mon Dieu! Quelle vérité! et quel humour! Je suis d’accord avec lui que la dette africaine ne peut pas être entièrement payée… et que les pays membres qui ne vont pas aux réunions de l’UA ne devraient pas recevoir les mêmes faveurs que ceux qui y assistent assidûment. De plus, il parle de consommer africain: toute sa délégation était habillée par des tisserands Burkinabés. Regardez, écoutez, et célébrez avec moi l’un des plus grands hommes qui ait foulé le sol du continent africain.

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Thomas Isidore Sankara, our African hero, killed for his convictions, love of his people and his country. This great hero gave one of the greatest speech I have heard about the problem of African debt. Such an eloquence! Such Truth my Lord! Such humour! I do agree with him that the African debt cannot be entirely paid… and that the African nations who do not show up at the UA summit should not have favors extended to them the same as those who attend the meetings. Moreover, he talks about living and breathing African: his delegation and himself were entirely dressed by Burkinabes tailors with cotton from Burkina Faso. Please watch, listen, and celebrate one of the greatest man the African continent has ever seen!

Don’t forget to watch Thomas Sankara Discours sur la dette Part 2/2


  1. HumilityJoy,
    Great Clip…I would have liked to hear the rest of the clip.
    I pray that I’ll be able to eliminate all my debts before I pass on.
    I pray our people all over will learn to pay there’s off and avoid unnecessary debts…
    Tell me…has our African leaders/government established Consumer Credit Reports?
    Just curious to know…


  2. […] I came across this article on Nigeria, which can be applied to many countries in Africa.  This is more of a wake up call, rather than just a critic.  This expresses a need for re-building the minds, the brains, and the experiences of Africans.  This is very close to the poem ‘No More‘ by Kelvin Karani.  You can read the entire article on African Spotlight.  So, after reading this article, I would like to you to answer these questions: Do African countries need re-branding or re-building?  How do we stop importing and start producing ourselves?  Since we have all that is needed to feed ourselves, how do we get to the level where every child is well-fed? How do we improve our infrastructures, etc…?  Thomas Sankara managed, in less than 4 years in power, to bring his country to the level of food self-sufficiency. How do we get rid of our debts? How do we create jobs for our youths? What is needed to come out of this inferno cycle? While you are at it, please watch Thomas Sankara’s speech on eliminating the debt. […]


  3. […] Sankara, our African Che and president of Burkina Faso, wrote about empowering women, people, getting away from debt, and the Burkinabé revolution.  Amilcar Cabral not only wrote poems, but also revolutionary […]


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