“He is … Father” by Epiphany

Said Abdallah by Cordier, 1848
Said Abdullah of the Mayac – Kingdom of Darfur, by Charles Cordier, 1848

In honor of the upcoming Father’s day, I found this poem “He is … Father” by Epiphany. I loved her poem, and so I dedicate it to my father, and to all the great fathers out there.


He is … Father 

by Epiphany

…He is​

the shine in a little girl’s eyes

the icon of a son in the mirror

a husband to his woman

a provider & a leader

the endearing traits of a real man

personified in how He lives​

…He is​

the strength of the family unit

the shelter in a raging storm

a patriarch to the ancestral tree

his seed produces legacies

to carry on his dynasty​

…He is​

stability in the midst of adversity

He rules with a gentle hand

teaches his daughter how to be loved

to accept nothing less than a true man

He instills pride in his son

to be the best Man that He can be​

Once a year is not enough to give credit where it is due​

…He is​

a monumental influence

to the innocence of youth

a consonant pillar of masculinity

without a heavy hand as proof

if you had to measure A Man

in all He say or do

it is in the path He chooses to follow

it is the fruits of his wealthy spirit

that makes him so unique​

it is He…​

a Father​

The qualities of a hero UnSung​

three hundred sixty four​





On this special day

I salute you