Patrice Lumumba: ’30 June 1960′ Independence Speech

Stamp commemorating the independence of Congo

Today, to mark Congo independence day, we will go back to the speech pronounced by his then prime minister Patrice Lumumba on 30 June 1960. Enjoy!

African Heritage

Today, we will do a Memory recall… Please enjoy this great independence speech delivered by Patrice Lumumba in 1960 to the people of Congo, few months before his assassination. It is a pure jewel! The French version is here LUMUMBA discours. Don’t forget to watch the video!!!


Men and women of the Congo,

Victorious fighters for independence, today victorious, I greet you in the name of the Congolese Government. All of you, my friends, who have fought tirelessly at our sides, I ask you to make this June 30, 1960, an illustrious date that you will keep indelibly engraved in your hearts, a date of significance of which you will teach to your children, so that they will make known to their sons and to their grandchildren the glorious history of our fight for liberty.

For this independence of the Congo, even as it is celebrated today…

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5 thoughts on “Patrice Lumumba: ’30 June 1960′ Independence Speech

      1. Haha! Matondo mingi, Dr. Y. It’s fun to bust out some Lingala and it was very appropriate in this situation. I hope the DRC had a good Independence Day.


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