Happy Mother’s Day 2019

For this year’s Mother day, I decided to post Lesline’s rendition of “Sweet Mother” by Prince Nico Mbarga. As I told you in my past post, Mbarga’s ‘Sweet Mother‘ is the most loved and most popular African song of all times. Enjoy Lesline’s rendition of this African classic on The Voice Afrique Francophone season 1, and remember to love and pamper your mother this Sunday! Happy Mother’s day.

7 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day 2019

  1. That’s a wonderful tribute for Mother’s Day. I must say that the original American version of The Voice is NOWHERE near as interesting as a performance like this let alone with the songs usually covered on there.


    1. Did they sing this song at the American The Voice?
      Yes… the American The Voice is not particularly diverse! It mostly focuses on American artists and that’s it… when the world is so rich and diverse… and sometimes even better

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      1. I seriously doubt it. Most Americans don’t know anything about African music. You’re lucky if you meet people who know that Akon is of Senegalese descent or that Seether is from South Africa (okay, Seether consists of White South Africans, but still).

        That is definitely true about the American version of The Voice. It’s either Top 40 songs, country (especially when Blake Shelton is involved), or the occasional classic popular song. The world is so much more diverse than that from a musical standpoint. I’ve listened to music from multiple countries and continents and even their pop music can be so much better than what’s in America. Give me Dobet Gnahore’s music over Katy Perry’s stuff any day of the week!


      2. No problem. I’m thankful to have been exposed to the Putumayo compilation discs and hearing the Na Afriki album from her. She is a very talented musician and singer. My favorite song from her is “Djiguene”. I liked real African music then, but I like a lot more of it now as I’ve been discovering multiple artists of different genres.


  2. Celebrating the African woman through ‘Sweet Mother’. It inks the African heritage in our souls and makes us proud of who we are. Music as an art brings out the different and most diverse African cultures and traditions that are passed down to generations.


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