Germany Returns Skulls of Namibians Genocide Victims

Survivors of the Herero and Namaqua genocide

I know this dates from last August, 2018, but I had to share. Note that out of the hundreds of skulls taken by Germany, only a bit over 25 were returned; if the German racial study has been discredited, why not return all of them? The excerpt below is from the BBC; for the full article, go to the BBC. As a reminder, the first genocide of the 20th century occurred in Namibia, on African soil. It was perpetrated by Germans on the Herero and Nama people of Namibia. It was extremely brutal and almost wiped out all Herero people. It was a campaign of racial extermination and collective punishment that the German Empire undertook in German South-West Africa (modern-day Namibia) against the Herero and Nama people. It took place between 1904 and 1907 during the Herero Wars. Today it is known as the Namibian genocide or the Herero and Namaqua genocide.


Namibian skulls (Reuters)

Germany has handed back the human remains of indigenous people killed during a genocide in colonial Namibia (German South-West Africa) more than 100 years ago.

… The bones had been sent to Germany for now-discredited research to prove the racial superiority of white Europeans. 

Tens of thousands of Herero and Nama people were murdered in response to an anti-colonial uprising.

Their descendants are still waiting for an apology from the German government.

The genocide began in 1904 after a Herero and Nama rebellion in response to the German expropriation of their land and cattle.

The head of the military administration in what was then known as German South West Africa, Lothar von Trotha, issued an extermination order in October 1904.

Chained Herero men

The Herero and Nama were forced into the desert and any who were found trying to return to their land were either killed or put into concentration camps.

There is no agreed figure of how many died but some estimates have put it as high as 100,000.

It is thought that 75% of the Herero population and half of the Nama population died.

… There are thought to be hundreds of Namibian skulls in Germany and on Wednesday more than 25 remains were handed back.

Skulls from Germany’s other African colonies, including modern day Cameroon, Tanzania, Rwanda and Togo, were also used in the discredited studies.

In 2016, Germany said it was prepared to apologize in principle but it is still negotiating with the Namibian government over the form of the apology and how to deal with the legacy of the genocide. [Funny how, when it was time to kill, they never negotiated]

Namibia_Hendrik Witbooi
Hendrik Witbooi, Namaqua Chief and freedom fighter

… Germany has argued that it has given Namibia millions of dollars in development aid to support all people in the country. [They forget to tell you that they are still benefiting from the mines and resources of Namibia]

… But descendants of the victims are angry that there has been no apology and no agreement of reparations. They are also unhappy that they are not part of the negotiations. …

4 thoughts on “Germany Returns Skulls of Namibians Genocide Victims

  1. I’m glad they returned the skulls, but that’s not enough when it came to the bloodshed against the Namibians. I didn’t even know Germany colonized Rwanda and Tanzania at one point, too. That’s disgusting how they got away with killing those innocent people. I’m not sure if I mentioned this in one of your other posts about the Namibian Genocide, so I do apologize if I repeat any information. One of the main scientists who was in charge of the medical experiments and skulls would eventually mentor Dr. Mengele. Also, General von Epp had Hitler himself as an employee and the future leader of the Third Reich looked up to the general and said von Epp helped “give him his voice”. What does that say about the people involved in this genocide when Hitler looked up to them in their brutal conquering of Namibia?


    1. Right? Yes… to find out that the people involved in wiping out Namibians were also the ones who advised Hitler is quite surprising, and tells you a lot about their brutality, and lack of humanity.

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      1. Definitely. I’m glad the people in the documentary mentioned the connections between the Second and Third Reich since it was documented how some of the people were alive and active for both. I wholeheartedly that it says so much about those people involved and how monstrous they can be.


  2. Sad to say, the british unfortunately had some weird genetic disorders they didn’t let the public know about

    You can research

    It could have been 🧬 related – which isn’t it always

    God rest there souls- the Bible says they go to the holy place should one pass at the hands of others as martyrs

    How much more genetics do they need – even today ?!


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