Happy 2018!

20170920_1Million viewsDear readers, we wish you all an AMAZING new year. May the year 2018 mark the fulfillment of old and new dreams that will last a lifetime. We would like to express our profound gratitude for your constant support, as your readership has carried us forward. Thank you to all those who visited the blog, reblogged articles, commented, and to all future visitors. 2017 was a beautiful year: Afrolegends.com had lots of views, subscribers, and many articles reblogged on multiple sites. On September 19, 2017, we passed the cap of the 1 Million Views on the African Heritage Blog!!!

The top 6 posts of 2017 are listed below. For this new year, 2018, we will bring you even more amazing, fun, and rich articles. Keep trusting, reading, sharing, reblogging, and liking. We wish you a beautiful, full, and amazing new year, rich in blessings, and rich in greatness. May 2018 be the year of greatness! Keep your heads up, and may your year be as beautiful as the petals of this flower! As you can see, everything about this flower marks the beginning of something beautiful: a new start, a new life, and a new joy! As always, like Agostinho Neto said, “A luta continua … a vitória é certa!

Happy 2018_3
Happy 2018

1. History of African Fabrics and Textiles

2.  Samori Toure: African leader and Resistant to French Imperialism

3. ‘Love Poem for My Country’ by Sandile Dikeni

4.  Timbuktu, one of the world’s first and oldest university

5.  Adinkra Symbols and the Rich Akan Culture

6. Amanishakheto, Warrior Queen of Nubia

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