Amilcar Cabral on Racism

Amilcar Cabral
Amilcar Cabral

We are not racists. We are fundamentally and deeply against any kind of racism. Even when people are subjected to racism we are against racism from those who have been oppressed by it. In our opinion – not from dreaming but from a deep analysis of the real condition of the existence of mankind and the division of societies – racism is a result of certain circumstances. It is not eternal in any latitude in the world. It is the result of historical and economic conditions. And we cannot answer racism with racism. It is not possible. In our country, despite some racist manifestations by the Portuguese, we are not fighting against the Portuguese people or whites. We are fighting for the freedom of our people – to free our people and to allow them to be able to love any kind of human being. You cannot love when you are a slave… In combating racism we don’t make progress if we combat the people themselves. We have to combat the causes of racism. If a bandit comes into my house and I have a gun I cannot shoot the shadow of this bandit. I have to shoot the bandit. Many people lose energy and effort, and make sacrifices combating shadows.”

Amilcar Cabral, 20 October 1972, New York, Pambazuka

3 thoughts on “Amilcar Cabral on Racism

  1. Wow, that was deep! I like the line “You cannot love when you are a slave.” That was incredibly powerful. He also brings up a point that’s still relevant for Africans aren’t racist if they’re fighting for freedom and dignity. I don’t know if you noticed this recently, but whenever someone who isn’t Caucasian calls out racism, they get called hateful or racist for daring to challenge bigotry. That’s happened to me before unfortunately.


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