Posted by: Dr. Y. | May 31, 2017

Choco-Togo: Organic Chocolate made in Togo by Togolese Students


Flag of Togo

Introducing to you Choco-Togo, a brand of chocolate made in Togo by Togolese students. This is an organic brand of chocolate made in Togo, by Togolese, with Togolese as the main consumers! Their chocolates are without additives, and chemical products; they are 80% cocoa with natural ingredients. Check out their website, Choco-Togo.


  1. That’s great with those entrepreneurs getting into the chocolate business. It would be great to try out their chocolate at some point.


    • Yes… their chocolate is available at the Lome airport in Togo… I am sure that if they keep up, they will go very far!

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      • If I ever to go Togo (typing those words together is humorous to me), then I’ll definitely try the chocolate. I do wish them nothing but success. Maybe they’ll be on the same shelves as Lindt or Dove in the future.


      • AMEN!

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      • That would be amazing if it were to happen. I sure hope so as much as you.


  2. This is awesome am humbled by the inspiration and the initiative you brothers and sisters took. How can we as South Africans work with you to expand your horizon?


  3. wow wow that’s great
    I also want to go to this chocolate business


  4. That’s amazing well done i actually followed this on Al jazeera news.Hopefully distribution of your product will be world wide soon


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