4 thoughts on “The Rudd Concession – How the British Stole Zimbabwe!

  1. That video was extremely hard to watch and listen to. How in the world did the Zimbabweans trust the ‘white’ settlers in the first place? Why weren’t the first ‘white’ settlers run off before they could bring back-up? And how could it be possible for people who had farmed that land for generations be forced to leave in order for ‘white’ settlers to come in and take over? I just cannot believe how gullible, simple and outright naïve those tribal kings were. They did not look out for the people who entrusted them to look out for them as well as their land. And those of us who are in America as descendants of slaves wonder why we are here? After watching that video, I no longer wonder. For the love of !!!!!


    1. Well Shelby, look at the Native Americans tribes who were almost wiped out. or the Incas, or the people of South Americas. Moreover, do not generalize, some kings were fighters like Samori Toure or Behanzin and did not all accept the white men, and had to be defeated.


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