Posted by: Dr. Y. | July 2, 2015

Meet the Kantanka: a 4×4 AWD Made in Ghana by Ghanaians for Ghanaians

Kantanka Cars (GhanaOnline)

Kantanka Cars (GhanaOnline)

I came across a video of the Kantanka, a 4×4 All-Wheel Drive made in Ghana by Ghanaians for Ghanaians, on BBC. The car is the brainchild of Dr. Kwadwo Safo, a Ghanaian who always dreamt of making cars and planes in Ghana. He wanted to address the local needs, and demonstrate that it was possible for Africans to design and engineer their own cars for their own roads. Move over Toyota, Honda, Ford, Mercedes, and meet the Kantanka. We do hope that these cars will be solicited by Ghanaians themselves, that they will meet the safety standard, and be a breath of fresh air adapted to their roads and needs. The car is engineless and “green”. The founder’s son, Kwadwo Safo Jr., said, “the non-engine vehicle does not rely on a combustion engine to move, but an electric motor powered by rechargeable batteries. The batteries can be recharged with solar energy or electricity. As you drive the car on the road, it converts the energy from the sun into mechanical energy which powers the car.”

Apart from the lights and tires, everything is done and assembled by local people. The police just bought a few vehicles. The big question will be: does it meet international safety standards? Will Ghanaians be sold by it? Read the article on Forbes and Al-Jazeera, and watch the video on BBC. Enjoy Ghana’s first car, made in Ghana by Ghanaians for Ghanaians!


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    This. Is. Awesome.


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    Nice! A electrical powered AWD made in Ghana!


    • Absolutely agree with you, and thank you for reblogging this article.


  3. Sweet! It reminds me of that Togo car article you did, but this is great, too! Those SUVs would certainly be more efficient than many a gas guzzler especially here in America.


    • right?

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      • Exactly. I hope I can drive one of those SUVs someday.


      • Yes indeed!

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      • Sure thing. If I go to Ghana or if they import them to America, then I will do my best to drive one. Haha!


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