‘My Africa’ by Michael Dei Anang


Today I stumbled upon a poem by Ghanaian author Michael Dei Anang which made me think a lot about Cheikh Anta Diop‘s work of re-educating the world about the place of Africa in history as the cradle of humanity. Michael Dei-Anang was a member of President Kwame Nkrumah‘s (Ghana’s first president) main secretariat and was concerned with the liberation of the rest of Africa still under colonial rule, at the time. Enjoy!



My Africa


Michael Dei-Anang

When vision was short

and knowledge scant,

Men called me Dark Africa

Dark Africa?

I, who raised the regal pyramids

and held the fortunes of Conquering Caesars

In my tempting grasp.

Dark Africa?

Who nursed the doubtful child

Of civilization

On the wand’ring banks of the life-giving Nile,

And gave to the teeming nations

Of the West a Grecian gift.

11 thoughts on “‘My Africa’ by Michael Dei Anang

  1. Aaron

    “And gave to the teeming nations Of the West a Grecian gift”
    And in reward, the West is encouraging fraudulent elections and unaccountable governments in Africa that will enable her continue to plunder Africa

    One of these days, Africa will rise up like Rosa Parks to say éenough is enough we have a right to choose who rules us and is accountable but to us”

    Thank you for posting that wonderful poem ES


  2. Fortuna

    Thank you for gathering these invaluable resources and made it available for us. May God bless you! One can fill the authority of this man.


  3. Dr.Y you have brought me memories of my youthful days. M. F. Dei-Anang was my father. I am Kwesi Dei-Anang the 4th son of Michael and Cecilia.
    The first line “in the pages of the past and I the faithless days of long ago” was left out in the quotation. I was around as a child when it was being composed. In any case that ommition does not minder the quality of these powerful words. You’ve made me proud tonight.

    Thank you



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