Posted by: Dr. Y. | November 19, 2014

Tswana Proverb on Obedience to parents / Proverbe Tswana sur l’Obeissance aux Parents

Vulture / Vautour

Vulture / Vautour

A child who does not listen to his parents listens to the vultures (Tswana Proverb – Botswana, South Africa).

Un enfant qui n’écoute pas ses parents écoute les vautours (Proverbe Tswana – Botswana, South Africa).


  1. Swahili has a similar saying
    “Asiefunza na mama, afunza na ulimwengu”
    “The one who isn’t taught by their mother is taught by society”


  2. That has a lot of creative meaning in it. I can also see this as a proverb of people listening to the wrong sources if they don’t listen to their parents.


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