The Woman and The Hyena


There was a very tired woman living alone.  One day she slept without closing the door, in the daytime, and night fell.  During the night the hyena came and took the woman with her cow skin mat wrapped up.  He left her in a corner and went to call his friends.  The woman woke up and when she realized she wasn’t at home she was frightened.  She rolled the cow skin as if there was someone in it and ran away.

When she got home she closed the door and fell asleep again.  When the hyena came with his friends, he found the skin, and thought the woman was there.  When he touched the skin the woman had gone.  He was upset and went back to her home, but it was closed.  So he went back to his friends.

This is an Ethiopian tale from the Tigray region of Ethiopia, originally posted on the Ethiopian Folktales‘ website.

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