Nigeria’s Many Monarchs

I saw this very good photojournal article on BBC about Nigeria’s many monarchs.  I just loved it, because of its depiction of African culture, and the beauty of their heritage.  I had to share.  From the Ovie of Umiaghwa Abraka kingdom in the Delta State, to the Pere of Isaba kingdom (a kingdom which exists since the 14th century), to the Emir of Zauzau in Kaduna State, this photojournal is rich and depicts the multiple kingdoms and cultures of Nigeria.  The author of these, i.e. the photographer is George Osodi, took many years to capture these monarchs in their attire in never before seen images.  Enjoy! (Don’t forget to click on the BBC link.)

The Ovie of Umiaghwa Abraka kingdom (Source: George Osodi - BBC)
The Ovie of Umiaghwa Abraka kingdom, Delta State, Nigeria (Source: George Osodi – BBC)

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