Zao: “Ancient Combattant” – An African ‘NO’ against War

Zao - Ancient Combattant
Zao – Ancient Combattant

In view of recent events in Mozambique between Renamo and Frelimo, and the possibility of war again in that country which has suffered so many years of civil war, I thought of ‘Ancien Combattant’ by the Congolese singer Casimir Zoba also known as Zao.  This song used to be sung across Africa when we were children.  It is a clear hymn against war.  As the song says, when the war is global, everybody dies, … when there is war, there is no pity, … the bomb, the atomic bomb, does not choose, it kills everybody… why war… war is not good.  Like he says at the end, plant seeds of peace, let us be friends, let us hold our hands, friendship is more important than war.  We can all greet people from across the globe in their own language to foster peace: “… if you see German – Guten tag, if you see Spanish – Buenos dias, … if you see Chinese – Hi ho, … if you see Senegalese – Nangadef, … if you Zairois – Mboté Na Yo, etc…” is what Zao says.  What particularly characterizes the song, is the humor and the provocative nature of the message.  This is a clear ‘NO’ to war in any shape or form.  So let us all sing ‘Ancient Combattant’ and refuse war in any country of this world.  We need peace, not war!

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